Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQs to see what questions British businesses and British business experts are asking about Virtually Working.

No, it can also be held via email or on the phone, whatever is most suitable for both parties.

There is no charge to use Virtually Working. You may both choose to continue the relationship that may be free mentoring or a fee-paying relationship but that is between the two of you.

There is no commitment other than we are asking for up to an hour of your time once a month, once every few months whatever you can spare to help a British business and engage with people that are passionate about making their business work. If you should wish to continue the relationship away from Virtually Working that is entirely up to you. If you meet via a video meeting your contact details will not be available to the business. The intent is that you pay your hard earned experience forward to someone you can then pay it forward to someone who can then pay it forward.

The more detailed the background to the question the better chance you have of getting an answer that will help you. This is a great opportunity to ask an industry-specific question from someone who knows so the more information they have the better placed they are to help.

Current inquiry examples range from looking at business models, forecasts, working with retailers, e-tailers, third-party relationships and direction of growth.

If you have an ideal advisor in mind by all means ask and we will see if they are available. Otherwise we will match you with who we think is best placed to answer your question.

Completely. Only you, the advisor and Virtually Working will be involved.

Unfortunately, no we cannot.